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Welcome to S&T Potpourri, Etc.! 

We are your source for unique potpourri, scented oils, and candles.  Our three potpourris, Orange Blossom Spice, Santa Fe Medley, and Applejack Cinnamon, are created from scratch. They are all fruit-based rather than the usual floral selections. 

The ingredients are selected for their visual beauty, interest, and compatibility as well as their effectiveness in absorbing and retaining the fragrance oils selected and blended for each variety. After choosing the ingredients for each potpourri, the products are sliced as needed, dehydrated, mixed, and finally treated with the fragrance oils.

We also offer what we call "potpourri on a string," garlands, which are made up of a variety of the fruits in our loose potpourris. These are beautiful to look at and do a great job distributing the fragrance in a room as they are hanging and, therefore, able to catch air circulation very effectively. These are very popular!

To complement these, we offer votive candles in our three fragrances, ceramic lamp rings and, of course, the refresher oils which will keep our products fragrant for as long as you choose.  An additional benefit, we offer our refresher oils in containers with an atomizer, rather than the usual dropper. We have found that this disseminates the fragrance much more effectively, wasting less of the oil, and covering your potpourri more thoroughly .


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